The Carrytank line of portable fuel tanks for diesel or DEF are equipped with a complete fuel transfer unit already installed. Light, compact and safe, they can be easily moved even full thanks to its integrated forklift pockets. Capacities range from 220 l to 900 l.

The portable fuel tanks Carrytank for diesel -yellow- include an electric 12V pump (40 lpm or 10 gpm) with cables and clamps for the battery, filter, hose, automatic nozzle and lockable cover.

The Carrytank for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) -blue- also include a transfer unit installed, the 12V electric pump has a capacity of 30 lpm or 8 gpm. All the fittings are made of aluminum or materials compatible with diesel exhaust fluid. The portable tanks for DEF can also be used for water, glass cleaner, antifreeze and other liquids.

The new addition to the Carrytank line are the combined models for diesel and DEF. These innovative tanks reunite two tanks in one, each with their own transfer unit (electric pump and automatic nozzle). The combined Carrytank comes in two capacities 400 l diesel + 50 l DEF or 900 l diesel  + 100 l DEF, UN certified.

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